About Yuet Ben

Yuet Ben was established in 1969 by owners Tony and Sue Yau.

Yuet Ben Frodsham - Relaxing with customers Our family originates from a small village, now in the New Development Zone of the coastal city of Yantai, better known by its British name as the Treaty Port of Chefoo (Pinyin: Qufu), which refers to the nearby birthplace of a certain Confucius. Yantai is considered the cousin of the former German Treaty Port of Qingdao, better known by its more famous name of Tsingtao and home to the world-famous beer of the same name. Yantai today was unfortunately overlooked as the location of the 2008 Beijing Olympics for the sailing events, which went to the city of Qingdao, which is considered by many Shandong inhabitants as having worse water conditions than Yantai. Yantai is located in the region of Shandong, south-east of Beijing on the Bohai Sea. Shandong has traditionally been the powerhouse of the Capital Territories, and also one of the holiest in the Tao religion, as it is home to the holiest mountain in China – Tai Shan.

Yuet Ben Frodsham - The kitchen Yuet Ben restaurant is entirely family owned, guaranteeing a personal atmosphere with the very approachable staff, who are as comfortable talking about politics and football with their customers as they are about the cuisine. Perhaps most of all, it is the first restaurant in Cheshire where it is possible to try recipes that found the tables of the lowliest serfs, to the Emperors themselves.

Yuet Ben restaurant is in a Grade II listed building, located at the heart of one the most unique towns in Cheshire. The building itself is a classic example of mid-Georgian architecture, and throughout most of its history served as the local school for the children of Cheshire’s elite.