Yuet Ben Restaurant


Since the doors first opened in 1969 we have been providing Cheshire with the finest Beijing cuisine available, drawing on decades of cooking expertise handed down from one generation to the next. Our philosophy has always been about authenticity and cooking with the finest ingredients and techniques available.

Yuet Ben Frodsham - customers relaxing with their mealThe story begins in Hong Kong in during the tumultuous 1950s. The family patriarch, Yuh Ho Yau, after a time spent in the merchant navy, learnt his craft in the steaming kitchens of Hong Kong's local culinary establishments. Sensing an opportunity, he stepped aboard a ship bound for the Panama Canal, with nothing but the clothes on his back, the support of our ancestral village, and crucially, the culinary knowledge of an entire nation in his mind. He eventually arrived in New York and established himself as a knowledgeable chef of repute and earned a reputation as a formidable cook in New York's heaving Chinatown. But it was only when he arrived in Liverpool in the 1960s that decided to open up an establishment of his own. With the help of his son, and current patriarch Chi Pang Yau, the Yuet Ben was established, and quickly became a favoured haunt of local dignitaries, established at a commanding position on Upper Duke Street. It also became the first Chinese restaurant in the North West to hold a coveted place in the Good Food Guide.

In 1976, Cheshire did not possess a single Chinese restaurant - not a single one. Chi Pang Yau, the new patriarch, elected to establish a new restaurant in the centre of the county, in Frodsham - drawing on its routes as a major market town, and benefiting from its growing links between Liverpool, Manchester, Chester and North Wales, Frodsham was the perfect location to introduce Cheshire to the wonders of Oriental cuisine.

Yuet Ben Frodsham - customers relaxing with their mealToday, the Yuet Ben Restaurant serves as a testament to over 30 years of expertise in cooking, and we are proud to be one of the Trip Advisor's top restaurants in the North West, and we sincerely hope that you will enjoy your visit.


All Chinese cuisine is based around one uniting philosophy - it is only with the right ingredients that perfection is achieved. Every single dish in our restaurant is cooked entirely from scratch from the freshest ingredients, using as few additives and preservatives as possible. Additionally, we have always from the very start believed in buying only from local businesses. All produce is bought from Frodsham's famous Thursday markets, and all meat and fish is sourced from Coward's Butchers and Ruskim Seafoods, members of the UK's Ethical Trading Initiative.

We are also proud to support the efforts of 'Love Frodsham' which strives to establish Frodsham as a major destination in the North West.

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